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The light that shines on

The Mobile World Congress is by far the most important business development event for Lleida.Net and 2019 is no exception. Over the past three years the Profit and Loss account has shifted from a predominantly SMS business highly dependent on Spain to a new one based on its SaaS product offering (e-contracting, e-certification and e-delivery solutions), mostly on an international setting.

From a product perspective, a strong emphasis on the MWC19 is going to be on e-contracting in order to address the increased digitalization in the distribution of financial products, to mention just one of the most important verticals for Lleida.Net. It represents a key element behind our 29% sales growth forecasts for the SaaS division in 2019, carrying an estimated gross margins of 85%.

From a geographical perspective, there is a sense of an increase in visitors coming from Latin America compared with prior years. Across countries in Latin American, their respective Public Sectors are adopting regulations for digital transactions based on European standards and Lleida.Net is clearly benefiting. Examples such as 4-72 ( of Colombia, currently adopting the e-delivery solutions of Lleida.Net, could be extended to similar companies across the region.

From a regulatory perspective, the recent award of their eIDAS certificate for e-delivery (only 8 operators have it in the whole of Europe) to freely operate across the European Union provides Lleida.Net with the ability to generate new client business. The legal security issues across European countries would have been relevant without this eIDAS certificate. Lleida.Net can now raise its profile aggressively in Europe in what is an essential piece in the digitalization drive across the economy.

In sum, the MWC19 is the business development backbone of Lleida.Net and such a setting provides reassurance to our growth projections and profit estimates. Moreover, the recent listing on the Paris Euronext growth is likely to lift its European credentials as well.


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