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25 years experience in financial markets both in Europe and in the Americas. A graduate of the London School of Economics, his early years in the Spanish equities market with Hoare Govettand Goldman Sachs served as springboard to a number of Emerging Markets roles. 

He joined Barings in Latin America in 1994 to becoming Head of Infrastructure Research with Santander, Head of Latin American research with Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and Head of Latin America Institutional Equity Sales with BBVA.

Since 2005, Guillermo has developed an expertise in emerging technologies in the London market and has been instrumental in the success of numerous transactions such as Ceramic Fuel Cells, TMO Renewables, MDxHealth, Ilika, ITM Power, Biotie, Vernalis, Futura Medical, Carmat, Silence Therapeutics, Sygnis/X-Pol and InterCell.

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More than 25 years of experience in corporate management and development in capital markets. Adolfo is an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de los Andes with an MBA from INALDE.

He has held positions as director of equity trading for Baring Securities in Bogotá and New York, was responsible for Santander Investment's brokerage firm in Colombia and later joined UBS's private banking and asset management unit in Panama.

Adolfo's trajectory over the years has allowed him to develop a knowledge of the Latin American market and its opening to other markets such as the North American and European markets. He was a pioneer in Colombia in advising Colombina, a case of Colombian business success, in its expansion to Europe, thus marking one of the milestones of the internationalization of Colombian companies abroad. Currently he continues advising several Family Offices in the management of their portfolio of financial securities.

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20 years experience in equity investment research and primary investing. A Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate from Oxford University, Stephen started his professional career as a Latin America equity analyst at Santander Investment specialized in the banking sector covering both the capital markets and M&A mandates. His most prominent work was related to the acquisition of Banespa(Brazil) and Serfin(Mexico) and helped uncover securities irregularities at Savia.

His emerging markets work continued in Asia with a particular focus in China. A founding partner of Diverso, an investment banking operation dedicated to renewable energy technology that was behind the IPO of ReneSolain the London market in 2006. That year ReneSolawas named the IPO of the year. Over 7 years Diversoreturned over $80 million to LPs on an initial investment of $5 million. Subsequently, Stephen has continued to focus on a range of emerging technology investing in companies such as Ilika, Rebio, Oratto, Zaption,Studytubeand Leadferret.



25 years of experience in the structuring of Infrastructure and Energy projects in more than 70 countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Prior to joining Checkpoint, he was Managing Director of several engineering companies and EPC for over 12 years in which he participated in various acquisitions abroad and establishment of subsidiaries.

Previously, he worked for Citibank as a financial analyst before joining as a director of the Oil and Gas division of Expansión Exterior, a business consultancy firm specialized in structured finance.

Joaquín obtained a degree in Economics and Business Administration from ICADE and also a Master's Degree in Energy Technologies. Currently, he is an associate professor at ICADE Business School, council member at GLG and board advisor at Iberbildin.



Over 20 years experience as CFO in financial and industrial sectors. Spent most of his career with CEPSA within the Oil and Gas division. Developed several projects in South America and North Africa working as Regional Controller and Financial Director. Javier was involved in several acquisitions abroad and the establishment of subsidiaries in Colombia, Peru, Algeria and Egypt. Worked as independent advisor for several Real Estate companies and is founding partner of Idonae Promociones. A Graduate of the European Business School in Madrid,speaks fluently English and French.

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